20 09, 2021

Florence proud of G20 role – statement

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Statement by the Councillor for the Environment of the City of Florence Cecilia Del Re at the conclusion of the G20 of Ministers of Agriculture / Dichiarazione dell'Assessora all'Ambiente  del Comune di Firenze Cecilia del Re a conclusione del G20 dei ministri dell'agricoltura

22 03, 2021

New Organic Cities member Bremen presents!

2021-06-07T10:49:28+02:0022 March 2021|Fresh|Comments Off on New Organic Cities member Bremen presents!

The City State of Bremen joined the Organic Cities Network Europe in March 2021. It is, however, no stranger to the organic cause. In this article, we present some of the projects that Bremen has initiated under the motto of "BioStadt Bremen". The Training Kitchen The “Training Kitchen” is where staff from the communal catering sector ...Read More

26 02, 2021

Organic Cities launches video

2021-06-07T10:49:29+02:0026 February 2021|Fresh|Comments Off on Organic Cities launches video

Why are organic cities so important? What do the cities and municipalities around Europe actually do to promote the organic cause? The Berlin-based production company, Schwarzer Panther Film, set out to do just that. The result: Organic Cities launches video to explain the contribution of Organic Cities Network Europe to the future of both our ...Read More

12 02, 2021

Bio Bank Report 2020: “Organic is everywhere”

2021-06-07T10:49:31+02:0012 February 2021|Fresh|Comments Off on Bio Bank Report 2020: “Organic is everywhere”

Bio Bank 2020 Report - The report returns focusing on six fields of organic activity: trade, food e-commerce, restaurants, cosmetic companies, perfume sellers and cosmetic e-commerce

5 02, 2021

City of Paris: organic food aid during Coronavirus

2021-06-07T10:49:32+02:005 February 2021|Equality, Fresh|Comments Off on City of Paris: organic food aid during Coronavirus

City of Paris to help struggling Parisian families pay for healthy meals for children who do not have access to organic food due to the COVID pandemic.

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