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Video: Organic Cities Network Europe 2021

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Organic Cities Network on Vimeo.

Watch this video on YouTube: Organic Cities Network Europe video

Watch the German version on YouTube: Das  Europäische Biostädte Netzwerk – ORganic CIties Network Europe

Video: Foundation of Organic Cities Network Europe

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On 8 January 2018, a number of cities, institutes and organisations assembled in Paris City Hall to sign the founding deeds for Organic Cities Network Europe. This act was documented in the following video. Watch the video (German, French, English) or read the English below.


Paris City Hall

Célia Blauel, Paris Deputy Mayor for the Environment, Water and the Climate: “We are standing in the Great Banqueting Hall of Paris City Hall and I am pleased to be able to welcome all of the future members of the organic network.”

Foundation of the Organic Cities Network Europe

Claudio Serrafini, Network Director: “I believe it is a very important day for the cities, for their citizens, and for their quality of life, and of course also for the organic sector.”

8 cities and 5 organisations sign the Cooperation Agreement

Natalie Luana, Programme Analyst UNDP: “It is a network that encourages to rethink about sustainable consumption and production and this is completely in line with the new 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.”

Paris…. Nuremberg…. Lauf an der Pegnitz …. Milan ….

Michael Latz, Mayor of Correns, France: “We need a network to exert more influence on decision making-processes in the European Commission. This will enable the voices of those people with practical experience to be heard.”

Città del Bio …. Milan Center for Food Law and Policy …. Vienna

Peter Ottmann, Managing Director, NürnbergMesse / Biofach: “We need to share ideas. We need the ideas that others have that can be easily adopted. We don’t need to simmer in our own juices alone, as it were. We can go farther and faster when we share ideas.”

Bioforschung Austria … Seeham, Austria …. Correns, France

Peter Pluschke, Spokesman for the Bio-Städte Network, Germany: “We have decided to address the European dimension because we have seen that a lot of decisions – public procurement, including the regulations for the agricultural sector – are made in Brussels, and the cities that are affected by such decisions should also be able to have their say.”

Poreč, Croatia … Växjö, Sweden … Eco-Estonia

Célia Blauel: “Our network in Brussels will most definitely lend weight to our municipal agricultural policies and, through their efforts, obtain funding to support the global transition to organic food.”

In cooperation with:
EU Commission
Organic Farming
Nicolas Verlet

Members of the European Parliament
Ivan Jakovcic
Brando Benifei

IFOAM Europa
Eduardo Cuoco

BioFach /NürnbergMesse
Peter Ottmann

Natalie Luana: “Personally, I really celebrated the creation of this network and I hope it will bring a lot of good positive results, also for our citizens.”

Magnus Wälin, Mayor of Växjö: “We need to state the obvious, that this is good for the future, this is good for our children, this is good for Europe, this is good for the world.”

Claudio Serafini: “.. that this will also be a model  for other continents – this is my dream! That Europe will speak the language of sustainability, of inclusion, of good education.”

Michael Latz: “And, furthermore, we are sending a message to the generations to come, a message of sustainability and that life on our planet will remain worth living.”