What are the steps to membership of Organic Cities Network Europe?

Membership of Organic Cities Network Europe is open to all cities, regions and municipalities that share our vision and mission. The first step to membership is to submit a formal declaration of intent from the board or council of the city/town/municipality.

Within the Organic Cities Network Europe, it is possible for prospective members to engage in the network by beginning a policy working process. Such prospective members should intend:

  1. to have a council decision to focus on organic food and agriculture
  2. to follow goals they set for themselves
  3. to implement projects, activities and measures within their financial possibilities, and
  4. to name a responsible contact department and a contact person.

The members of the Organic Cities Network constitute a Network Council that is tasked with ….

  1. appointing the Executive Board and the Managing Director.
  2. deciding the joint activities, projects and priorities for the coming year and the connected budget.
  3. taking decisions on the establishment of fixed-term working groups.
  4. recognizing the annual report on the network’s work and funding.

A network meeting will be hosted by a different network partner city each year. Organisation of annual network meetings and the implementation of decisions will be the responsibility of the Executive Board. The members of the network appoint the Executive Board consisting of 3 member cities, 1 associate partner and the Managing Director. The Executive Board is responsible for running the network and represents the network in public, to the media, members of parliaments and the EU commission and other EU authorities. The Managing Director is tasked with preparing strategic decisions, implementing the planned projects and activities, managing the budget, supporting and advising the Executive Board and representing the network in agreement with the Executive Board.

Pre-conditions & procedures for membership for other associations as associate members


Common work is funded by a financial contribution that depends on the size of the population of the city/town/municipality concerned.
Financial contribution per year:

€ 5,000 for more than 500,000 inhabitants
€ 4,000 from 250,000 to 500,000 inhabitants
€ 3,000 from 100,000 to 250,000 inhabitants
€ 2,000 from 50,000 to 100,000 inhabitants
€ 1,000 from 10,000 to 50,000 inhabitants
€ 500 up to 10,000 inhabitants

Associate partners should also assume a financial contribution. The Executive Board will decide on the amount of the financial contribution.

Each cooperation partner will bear the costs arising in their activities themselves. No expenses will be reimbursed.

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