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Florence proud of G20 role – statement

Statement by the Councillor for the Environment of the City of Florence Cecilia Del Re at the conclusion of the G20 of Ministers of Agriculture / Dichiarazione dell'Assessora all'Ambiente  del Comune di Firenze Cecilia del Re a conclusione del G20 dei ministri dell'agricoltura

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Ingredients – the main issues

What are the ‘ingredients’ for the success of the organic cities movement? Find out here!

Organic Cities to speak at EESC Action Plan conference

7 June 2021|Comments Off on Organic Cities to speak at EESC Action Plan conference

Claudio Serafini, the Director of Organic Cities Network Europe, is to speak at an online public hearing organised by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) on 11 June 2021 on the ongoing preparation work for its opinion Action Plan for the development of EU organic production.

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Raw v. Cooked  – Opinions

Celebrating the wealth of opinion on the subject of organic food and farming.

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