The international forum “Mission: Establishing a Bioregion in the Gauja National Park” will be held on 25 October from 10.00 to 16.00 in the “Siguldas devons” culture centere in Sigulda. As part of the Forum, the attendees will sign a Memorandum of Understanding on the establishment of the first bioregion in the Baltics in the territory of the Gauja National Park in Cēsis, Sigulda, Valmiera and Saulkrasti municipalities.

Sigulda will be bringing together experts from Latvia and abroad to present the bioregion concept and activities in Europe, and to share inspiring examples of forward-thinking regional development. Establishing a bioregion will make a wonderful anniversary present for the Gauja National Park, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

Gauja National Park is the largest, oldest, and most renowned protected natural area in Latvia. It encompasses the municipalities of Cesis, Sigulda, Valmiera, and Saulkrasti. Historically known as an outstanding area of natural beauty with significant biodiversity and a rich cultural heritage. it is widely recognised as a recreational destination and an attractive scientific research site. Its engaged communities and self-organizing groups value a harmonious coexistence with nature. Currently, within the park’s territory, the area of biologically certified agricultural land exceeds the Latvian average. Many small farms and businesses operate here, producing and processing high-quality food, maintaining traditional rural landscapes, lifestyles, and preserving the environment.

The roots of the Bioregion lie in a social movement, with the Association “Greenfest” as the initial driving force, which organises a festival of green lifestyle and has brought to the attention of residents and municipalities the importance of promoting sustainable resource management since 2018. It has particularly highlighted the need to develop organic farming in the Gauja National Park.

This summer, in cooperation with its partners – Nature Conservation Agency, Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences, Vidzeme Planning Region, SIA “ZAAO”, Cēsis District Rural Partnership, Latvian Rural Advisory and Education Centre, Latvian Organic Farming Association and others – a Memorandum of Understanding was developed on the establishment of a bioregion in the territory of the Gauja National Park. The Memorandum outlines the key principles to be followed in creating a new economy that is environmentally friendly, resource-efficient, socially inclusive, and prosperous. The Memorandum also sets out the main vectors that need to be developed to bring the bioregion to life.

Interested parties are warmly invited to attend the international forum, with the aim of generating broad support for the creation of a bioregion in Latvia.

Registration is open until 20 October at the following address: Registration form for the Bioregion Forum


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