Main Issues - Ingredients

Exploring the main issues of interest to the organic cities

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The main issues in organic are a rich recipe of initiatives, strategies, policies and inspirational stories – both small and big. Find out what they are!

Regional Value Creation

Organic is all about creating value. And where better to tackle this main issue than in the regions. Find out more!

Life Beyond the City Walls

The regular column of Gabriella Piccinni, Professor of Medieval History at the University of Siena.

Action Plan

News and views about the Action Plan for the Development of EU Organic Production

Food Culture & Health

News about practices, attitudes, and initiatives as well as the networks and institutions involved in the production, distribution, and consumption of food.

Organic Lunch Box Kids – Nuremberg’s healthy eating campaign for kids

2 February 2021|Categories: Health|

To inspire its younger residents to eat more heathily while having fun in the process, the BioMetropole Nürnberg has dedicated a section of its website to primary-age children.

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Digesting Farm to Fork – what is the EU’s new strategy?

1 February 2021|Categories: Food Culture, Politics|

What is the Farm to Fork Strategy, what are its goals and what does it mean for farmers, the fishing community and members of the public?

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Organic product market in Italy

14 December 2020|Categories: Food Culture|

In addition to the Farmers', Organic and Traditional Producers' Market, held every first Sunday of the month in the historic centre, watercolourists, landscape painters and portrait painters will be exhibiting and painting their works in Via dell'Amore.

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Climate Policy

News about the policies being enacted or discussed in Europe and the member states that are relevant to the organic cities movement.

Sustainable Food Plans

News about the main issue of how to achieve a sustainable public food service in Europe using the lever of education and training.


One of the main issues that needs to be addressed is equal access to organic food. Here you can find news about what organic food networks are doing to ensure equality!

Canteen life

Canteen life explores the initiatives and projects relating to municipal canteens in Europe.

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