Save the date: 1 February 2022: Organic Cities Network Europe has issued an open invitation to attend the:

Online Follow Up to the “Organic Cities – Wien is(s)t nachhaltig” conference


Tuesday, 1 February, 3 to 5 p.m.

The online meeting is a chance for networking and the sharing of ideas. The discussion will be led by your curiosity and visions on the following and similar topics:

  • Agricultural strategies in Vienna: Organic production in urban space

  • Securing agricultural land in the city and its surroundings

  • Procurement strategies for sustainable communal catering

  • Affordable and accessible organic products for consumers

  • Organic Food and Climate Change

  • Strengthening the network: let’s use the Organic Cities Network Europe to connect and learn from each other

Share your ideas and thoughts with experts from Vienna:

Josef Taucher (Organic Cities Network President, Vienna City Council member), Claudio Serafini (Organic Cities Network Europe Director), Sabrina Halkic (Lokale Agenda 21 Wien), Herbert Weidinger (Forestry and Agriculture Department of Vienna), Michaela Knieli (“DIE UMWELTBERATUNG” (Eco Counselling)), Bernhard Kromp (Bioforschung Austria), Franz Windisch (President of the Chamber of Agriculture Vienna), Charlotte Kottusch/Anna Krulis (“WeltTellerFeld” and “Ernährungsrat Wien – Food Council”) & Thomas Mosor (Vienna Environmental Protection Department).

For participants who do not speak German there will be English-language online breakout rooms where you can share your ideas. Please let us know which topics you are most interested in.

Click here to view pictures, videos and presentations about the wonderful “ORGANIC CITIES WIEN IS(S)T NACHHALTIG” conference.