Diego CANGA FANO Principal Advisor EU:

Action Plan Diego Canga Fano Principal Advisor Eu

“The European Commission has recently approved an Action Plan for the development of Organic Production. The Action Plan puts forward 23 actions structured around three axes: boosting consumption while maintaining consumers trust, increasing production and further improving the sustainability of the sector to ensure a balanced growth.

The new organic action plan builds upon the achievements of the 2014-20 action plan and takes into account the outcome of a public consultation on organics, held between September and November 2020.

The plan is broken into three interlinked axes that reflect the structure of the food supply chain and ambitions of the Green Deal sustainability objectives:

Axis 1: stimulate demand and ensure consumer trust
Axis 2: stimulate conversion and reinforce the entire value chain
Axis 3: organics leading by example: improve the contribution of organic farming to environmental sustainability

The three axes will be supported by 23 actions, continuing some of the successful 2014-20 actions, as well as putting forward an array of new actions and mobilising different sources of funding.”

Visit the EU website on organic production to read more.

Image attribution: European Union