Thanks to its programme ÖkoKauf Wien (EcoBuy Vienna), the City of Vienna has cut carbon dioxide emissions by 15,000 tons per year.

For more than a decade, the City of Vienna has followed ecological criteria in its procurement of goods and services – from washing powder to office supplies, from food for kindergartens and hospitals to construction materials. ÖkoKauf Wien, has been commended by the EU commission as one of the most effective projects to promote resource efficiency.

As part of the ÖkoKauf Wien project, the Sustainable Food Procurement Program provides nutritious food to its citizens strictly using environmentally and economically-sustainable methods. The objectives of the plan include: food that is organically and locally produced; a supply of seasonal, fresh and non-GMO food production; waste reduction; minimization of the amount of animal product used in Viennese diet; standards for ethical handling of animals; assurance of rights of farm workers; and maintenance of fair-trade food processing. This policy has helped to ensure that at least 30% of all the food in the city is organic. One of the most successful initiatives of this program was the Natürlich gut Teller (Naturally Good Dish) criteria, which provides specific eco-friendly modifications to the above rules for canteens across the city in various hospitals, retirement homes, and other institutions

For more information, visit the Ökokauf section on the website of the City of Vienna.

To find out more about how Vienna approaches all areas of sustainability, from good to cosmetics to fashion, visit the Sustainable Vienna section on the Visit Vienna website.

Image attribution: Donal Elsted