Is it time to transition to a new food system? Yes, says Dr. Felix zu Löwenstein in a thought-provoking article posted on (World Without Hunger).

The agricultural scientist, farmer and chairman of the BÖLW, the German Organic Food Industry Federation of the reads the charge sheet for “conventional” farming: Over-use of pesticides and antibiotics in “conventional” farming. Liberal use of fertiliser polluting groundwaters, and with it rivers and streams. The unending thirst for new land destroying biohabitats around the world. The rapacious intensive animal farming industry causing a massive rise in climate gases. The disappearance of bees and other nsects threatening a collapse in agricultural systems and biodiversity.

Since even low levels of pesticides can have a drastic impact on species diversity, particularly in the waters and lakes, it is essential that our food psystem is completely free of any unnatural nutrients or pesticides. We need to stabilise the soil and make sure that nutrients are kept long enough in the soil to be used where they are needed, and that soil is kept alive in order to build up humus, so that it can store and release water and nurtients.

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Image attribution: Jed Owen, Unsplash