We have long since recognized the need to save bees from disease and pollution and are keenly aware that this requires education as well as political action. Biodorf Seeham has – literally – gone an innovative route and created the Bee Experience Trail – education and family fun in one.

With the support community and the involvement of beekeepers, the Bienen Erlebnisweg (Bee Experience Trail) offers visitors young and old an entertaining and highly informative circular trail around Biodorf Seeham. Setting off from the Tourist Information centre, the visitors walk along the sure of Obertrumer Lake, taking in a range of bee-related installations and information along the way. Visitors are greeted by an exhibition centre, can enjoy a live show of honey bees in action, and can stop at the many information boards along the way that illustrate the role that wild and honey bees play in the unique symbiosis between plants and animals.

Everyone can play their part

Many species of insects, but especially honey bees and wild bees, work miracles in nature every year. They pollinate a large proportion of wild and cultivated plants, helping them to flower and bear fruit. Through their work, they ensure biodiversity and have become indispensable for ensuring the human food chain and for the ecosystem. Indeed, without them, our food chain could very well collapse.

For this reason, protecting bees has become a key task for society in which everyone can do their bit. After all, future generations should also find blooming landscapes, a species-rich animal world and viable conditions. The Bee Experience Trail introduces you to the wide range of information about this most industrious of insect species.

The Bee Experience Trail

Open hours: April – October from 09 – 12:00 and 14:00 – 17.:00
Price: €1.00 per child, €2.00 per adult, family maximum €4.00
Website: http://www.bienenerlebnisweg.at
Email: office@seeham.at

Image attribution: Donal Elsted